The governing body of the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2 is its Board of Directors, consisting of nine people who represent all water users within the District.  The Board is elected by the eligible voters of the District and serve without compensation.

The Board establishes the goals, policies and objectives of the District and empowers the manager to administer them.  Using established goals, policies and objectives as a guide, the Board members develop and adopt a management program from which the District is managed.

It is the responsibility of the Board to fairly and accurately assess groundwater management needs of the District, apply existing, or formulate and adopt new policies to meet these needs, then direct District staff to execute these policies or programs.


On the second Tuesday of January each year an election is held to select three Board members from the eligible voters of the District.  The newly elected directors take office in February and serve a term of three years, or until their successors are duly elected and qualified.  Terms of one-third of the Board members expire each year.


The Board of Directors employs a Manager and assisting staff to carry out the programs, policies and objectives of the District.  The Manager is responsible for administration of all operations and affairs of the District as a whole, and for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to these matters.  Other duties of the Manager include:

  1. Direction of development of specific policies, procedures and programs needed to implement the groundwater management program adopted by the Board of Directors, and coordination of administration and control of these policies, procedures and programs;

  2. Proposal of projects to the Board of Directors that the District should undertake and performance of the detailed planning of these projects; and

  3. Proposal and execution of such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by the Board of Directors.

The Manager is the Board's designee and may be assigned other responsibilities as the Board deems appropriate or necessary.

Also employed by the District are a full-time Administrative Assistant, Hydrogeologist, and Hydrologic Technician.


The Board of Directors prepares and adopts an annual budget from which the District is operated.  These operational funds are derived from user charges assessed to water users in the District.  The amount of the assessment made is determined by volume of water used and the user charge then in effect.  An additional assessment is made on landowners based on acres owned within the District.  These monies are collected by respective county clerks the same as other special assessments and remitted to the treasurer of the District.


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